What is the Relevance of Digitization for Small and Medium Size Enterprises?

Develop an IT landscape that fits to you own strategy. We will help you with this.

Industrie 4.0. Internet of Things. SME Goes Digital.

Do you feel uncertain what exactly this means for your enterprise? Then we could help with a consultancy project. Based on your strategy and strategic goals, we will extract the development opportunities and would propose the required steps to create or extend you digital landscape.

There are many initiatives on federal or state level to support SMEs on with digitization. Just to mention a few:

Each of these programs requires from our point of view a solid and careful analysis of your own strategy to develot a set of adequate options matching with the vision and mission of your organisation. This ensures that the substantial efforts related digitization are spent on the right topics.

Network Event Dresdner Weitsicht

Brining together local small and medium size enterprises to foster networking is the prime goal of the networking event Dresdner Weitsicht. I am represented with a booth in the area of the BVMW (the [...]

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3D Metal Printing and Industrie 4.0 at the Z / Intec Trade Fair in Lepizig

Last week, from March 7 to 10, Z / Intec, the leading trade fair for the metal processing industry and its suppliers in Germany and Europe,  opened its floors in the four major halls of the Leipziger Messe [...]

By | 15. March 2017|Categories: Digitization, International, Metall Processing, Saxony|Comments Off on 3D Metal Printing and Industrie 4.0 at the Z / Intec Trade Fair in Lepizig

Sachsen fördert die Digitalisierung

Am 2. Februar hat das Sächsische Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Verkehr (SMWA) ein Pilotprojekt für mehr digitale Kompetenz im Mittelstand gestartet. Die entsprechende Pressemitteilung finden Sie auf den Webseiten des SMWA. Mit unserem Partner der [...]

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