Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Saxony and Thuringia may obtain funding for a consultancy by bmbg consult.

We gladly support you to apply for this funding.

SME funding in Saxony with bmbg consult

In Saxony funding of SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) follows the regulations of the Mittelstandsrichtlinie for Management Consultancy/Coaching. Up to 280 Euros of the cost related to consulting could be subsidized or up to 350 Euros if your application is processed through one of the two quality assurance organisations accredited for Saxony. These organisations will help you with your funding request. A German language flyer on this topics can be found on the website of the SAB.

We highly recommend to look for funding through the SAB especially for the following topics

  • Strategy Development / Strategic Growth
  • Innovation Consulting

Gesellschaft für Unternehmensentwicklung mbH

Otto-Mohr-Str. 9
01237 Dresden
Phone  +49 351 41750-35
Fax +49 351 41750-59

RKW Sachsen GmbH
Dienstleistung und Beratung

Freiberger Straße 35
01067 Dresden
Phone +49 351 8322-30
Fax +49 351 8322-400

SME funding in Thuringia with bmbg consult

In Thuringia the funding through the GFAW is given according to the Beratungsrichtlinie (2014-2020)

Here, topics the following topics are preferably funded

  • Product Portfolio, Market Analysis and Marketing, Strategy and Business Ideas
  • Growth and Competitiveness
  • Cooperation between Enterprises

We will gladly support you in your selection and also strongly recommend running your funding application through one of the two quality assurance organisation accredited for Thuringia:

Gesellschaft für Unternehmensentwicklung mbH
Niederlassung Thüringen

Gustav-Freytag-Straße 1
99096 Erfurt
Phone:  +49 361-51150255
Fax: +49 361-51150259

RKW Thüringen GmbH

Konrad-Zuse-Straße 15
99099 Erfurt
Phone +49 361-551430
Fax +49 361-5514327